Training Class Discounts

Rescues - $10 discount

Some of the hardest-working people we know are listed here among Chattanooga's rescue organizations. Many of these groups are non-profit and run on volunteers and donations. They perform daily miracles, saving lives and offering hope to animals in desperate situations. We at PDX honor their commitment and compassion, and hope to help in our own small way: a $10 discount on any training class to all dogs adopted from rescue organizations. Your adoption papers will serve as your coupon. Bring them on in, and have fun with your new best friend!

Returning Students - $10 discount

For us, dog training is a way of life. We work with our own dogs every day, and try to find ways to keep the learning process fresh and fun and, well, forever. Whether it's simple good manners like waiting at doors or sitting for attention, or competitive performance sports like flyball, agility, obedience, and rally, we encourage our students to return to class for more fun and bonding with their dogs. And to show our appreciation, we'll take $10 off the tab! Just tell the nice folks at the desk that you're re-upping, and they'll do the rest. It'll be good to see you again!

Friends and Family Rate - $60/class

Obsessed over dog training? Do you find that the best part of your day is the time spent with your dog? Are your friends and family beyond the eye-rolling stage and moving quickly toward real concern? Never mind them -- we'll make it easy to join the PDX friends and family -- at $60 per class, you'll have lots of extra money to buy training aids, treats, toys, equipment, and - ultimately - the Mecca of all Mecca -- the RV. Once you take four classes at regular prices, your fifth class and beyond is only $60!

Note: Discounts may not be combined, and may be discontinued at any time without notice.