Daycare Requirements

To keep everyone safe, dogs must meet these requirements in order to attend daycare at Play Dog Excellent:

  • Daycare dogs must attend at least once per week. Dogs are social animals, and they always have a better time when they know what to expect. Dogs need to be on a regular schedule so that they are familiar with the staff and the other dogs.
  • All dogs must complete and pass our evaluation screening.
  • Puppies must have completed their 2nd round of inoculations.
  • Dogs over 7 months must be spayed (female) or surgically neutered (male) in order to attend group play. Sorry, but female dogs in heat cannot come at all. Chemical castration is not an acceptable alternative for our purposes.
  • All dogs must be current on their vaccinations, including kennel cough (Bordetella), rabies, distemper, parvo.
  • Dogs must not be aggressive toward people or other dogs, and must not be protective over food or toys.
  • At check-in, dogs must be wearing their own flat (buckle, snap, or martingale) collar with current ID tag.
  • Dogs must be walked on-lead from the car into the building; leashes may be removed only when the dog is past the second set of doors. Dayton Blvd is a very busy road and we cannot risk having any dogs hurt or killed.
  • All dogs must be on a topical flea control product such as Frontline.
  • For safety, we cannot allow Pit Bulls in group play since they tend to be less predictive in their behavior than other breeds. Likewise, we cannot allow wolf hybrids, because their play interactions can differ from fully domesticated canines.